Tony Cini's Blues Explosion

Tony Cini’s Blues Explosion


Sometimes people think that Tony Cini’s Blues Explosion is all about a CD: well it is … but it isn’t. The CD is a tool that we use to get Australian blues and roots music out into the stratosphere where people can find out about some of the incredible musical talent that we have in Australia.

We snail mail out our CDs to promoters and radio stations and we have even had success in getting artists into festivals that they haven’t even applied for.

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Blues Explosion Vol 6 - front coverBlues Explosion Vol 6 - front cover

We put on gigs and have showcased some of Australia’s top blues and roots acts while providing opportunities for up-and-coming artists to perform on the same bill.  We have featured some of the country’s premier blues and roots performers such as Chase the Sun, Ray Beadle, Marshall and the Fro, Gail Page, Lloyd Spiegel and Kim Churchill, just to name a few. You may not know all the performers on our Blues Explosion bills but once you have seen them live, you sure as hell won’t forget them.

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Jacob and Meg, Tom Richardson Project, The Vanguard (7 December 2012)  Lloyd SpiegelAJS_0674_3953-L  PJ O'BrienAJS_7208-X3

Goin’ Down Slow – Samuel J Fell, Rhythms Magazine

… there are many others who make it their mission to nurture and support Australian blues, as we must, in order for it to survive. Wollongong local Tony Cini is one such example, with his Blues Explosion project – a more fervent support of OZ blues you’ll be hard pressed to find.

“A lot of people who don’t know about the Blues Explosion [project] think it’s just another compilation, but there’s a lot more behind it,” Cini explains on what began as a series of gigs, but that now supports three CDs (and counting) featuring tracks from a number of Australian blues and roots players. “The compilation is to promote the concept of Australian blues and roots,” he goes on, and this is exactly what they’re doing.

“It’s also about getting a better live Sydney scene happening as well, “ Cini mentions later via text message, something very close to his heart, as a musician himself, and there are also plans afoot for a one-day Blues Explosion festival sometime in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, having released the first Blues Explosion volume in 2009, the third installment has just arrived*, featuring the likes of Dallas Frasca, Mason Rack, Buddy Knox, Bridie King and Blue Shaddy, and it’s a great little slice of Australian blues and roots music, covering as it does a lot of bases under the roots umbrella.

“I’m hoping to accomplish Volume 12”, Cini laughs when I ask about the future of the Blues Explosion project, and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t. The idea is there, the passion is there, and it’s passionate projects like this that our scene needs in order to prosper and grow – for you can never, ever have too much Australian blues and roots music.

Samuel J Fell, Rhythms August 2012

*Volume 5 is due for release in December 2013

Who is Tony Cini?

Tony Cini has been in the music business since 1967. At the age of 16, Tony was promoting music. Music is Tony’s passion, not only is he a performer (vocalist of the Ginhouse Bluesband), Tony has managed and is currently managing bands while promoting blues and roots music though his Blues Explosion project.

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Music has been good to Tony and he feels that it is time to give something back to the industry.

Nothing gives Tony greater pleasure than knowing that he has been a small part in giving unknown artists the opportunity to perform on a Blues Explosion bill (or bills) or including them on a Blues Explosion CD. He is now seeing those artists rise through the ranks and performing as headliner acts at blues and roots festivals, “The hard work has paid of, this is what Blues Explosion is all about.”

Tony has employed over 400 different artists on his Blues Explosion bills, some of those artists have been employed a number of times.

Tony Cini, Jan Rynsaardt, Forest Coggee, Ryan Van Gennip and Marshall O'Kell

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